Walks are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. If you anticipate that your schedule will change from week to week, please give as much notice as possible about what days/times you will need so that we are better able to accommodate you. For Monday walks in particular, we request that you book no later than Sunday evening. Day-of add on requests are not guaranteed. Same day schedule changes must be made by call or text, as we are not always able to check our email throughout the day. 

If you would like to set up a recurring schedule, we will maintain it from week to week and reserve your preferred time slot for your dog(s).

Weekend walks are available on a limited basis. Due to a high volume of requests, we now require that weekend walks be scheduled with us by Thursday of that week at the latest, after which time the schedule is final. To see which weekends walking service is and is not available, visit our calendar page.


Payment is due on a weekly basis unless otherwise agreed upon. You can leave payment via cash or check (made out to We Leash The Hounds) on the last day of the week that we will see your dog(s). 

Invoices can be made up upon request. Invoices will be sent via email and are due within one week of receipt. If your invoice balance remains unpaid beyond this period you may be subject to a service suspension. 


For the safety of our other clients, we require that all dogs we work with be fully vaccinated against rabies, bordetella, parvovirus and distemper. These illnesses are highly communicable and can pose a significant threat to our other clients, particularly puppies and senior dogs.