We Leash The Hounds

We Leash The Hounds LLC is a fully insured and bonded dog walking business that serves the Clark, Cranford and Westfield areas of New Jersey. 

As dog owners, we all know "the look."
The look you get when you reach for your shoes.
The look you get when you pick up your keys.
The look you get when you accidentally say "walk" out loud instead of spelling it.



We know after a long day sometimes "the look" can be too much. Well, no more! We Leash The Hounds is here to help. Gone are the days of coming home to a pup bouncing off the walls after being cooped up all day. No longer will you fear for your couch's life when coming home from work. Let us banish those worrying thoughts about your dog being home alone for hours at a time.

Our business allows us to channel our love of dogs into services that make life easier for you. Whether you regularly work long hours or just plan to be away from home for the day, we are here to meet your dog's needs. What we offer is more than just a walk: it is companionship, affection and a unique bond with each and every dog. No matter how often you need us, we're happy to have you in our Hounds family!

We take pride in making sure you and your pup are happy. We Leash The Hounds LLC is fully insured and bonded for the safety of your canine companion and home.